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Dr. Holger Claus is the Vice President of Technology at Ushio America Inc.. He holds a masters degree and PhD in lighting. Throughout his career he has developed and produced various kind of light sources, like fluorescent lamps, UV lamps, short arc Xenon, laser driven Xenon and super high pressure Mercury lamps, LED and laser products, and excimer lamps. He has extensive knowledge and experience of application related questions of these lamps including drivers, measurements and regulatory questions. He is leading the technical, scientific and regulatory efforts of Ushio America Inc. to introduce 222nm lamps into the scientific community and the market. He has written multiple scientific papers and white papers related to the application of 222nm Filtered Far-UVC technology. He is a member of IUVA, IES, CIE and is participating in various standard committees related to germicidal UV.

Documents & Resources

UVC LEDA Comprehensive Analysis of the UVC LEDs? Applications and Decontamination CapabilityN. Nicolau etal

good analysis of UV-C LED capabilities

All light sourcesASHRAE Handbook, S17- Ultraviolet lamp systemsASHRAE

a good overview of various UV-C sources and properties

UVC light sourcesGermicidal UV Sources and SystemsR. Bergman

a very good overview of various UVC light sources, with spectra, advantages and disadvantage and some recommendations

Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2021, 97: 466?4702021
UVC Light source, ozoneOzone Generation by UV lampsH. Claus

good explanation about ozone generation of various lamps, note: section about ozone from FarUVC lamps is outdated

Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2021, 97: 471-4762021
UV lamps, AmalgamThe analysis of modern low pressure amalgam lamp characteristicsM. Van der Meer etal

a good introduction to Hg Amalgam lamps, with more info in the apendix

UVC LEDThe rise of UV-C LEDs (MAGAZINE)M. Krames

an introduction how UVC LED are built, roadmap and properties

Hg lampsUV Germicidal Irradiation HandbookW. Kowalski

Still the most comprehensive book about anything air and surface disinfection related, including basics of lamps and systems

DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-01999-9_1, C Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 20092009