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The resources will include important past publications that cover some fundamental findings in UV applications. The co-Chairs are experts in environmental/water applications, so input will be sought from experts in other relevant areas as needed to identify important resources.

Newer groundbreaking studies will also be linked. The top journals will be reviewed for relevant research and the expertise of the area co-Chairs will be used to decide which studies are selected to be linked. Access to some of the resources may require subscription. The resources will also include important protocols and standardization approaches used in UV research.

Roberta Hofman-Caris, KWR Water Research Institute

Olya Keen (PE), University of North Carolina

Roberta Hofman-Caris is a Senior Scientist at KWR Water Research Institute, associate professor at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and visiting scientist at Wageningen University and Research, all located in the Netherlands.. Dr. Hofman-Caris started out as a scientific journalist, and then spent two decades as a chemical researcher before moving into water treatment. Today she focuses on both drinking water and wastewater treatment with emphasis on advanced oxidation processes, and resource recovery. She’s currently involved in research for drinking water treatment, especially UV oxidation techniques and adsorption processes for the removal of micropollutants, resource recovery, remediation and lifecycle assessment. She is a member of the IUVA Board of Directors.

Olya Keen (PE) is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Dr. Keen’s research expertise areas are photolysis and advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment. She has been involved in this research field since 2009 with her early work focused on the fate of contaminants of emerging concern in AOP and on fundamental chemistry and photochemistry of the process, with the more recent efforts focused on standardization, method development and process improvement for UV-based AOPs.

Documents & Resources

Fundamentals of UV AOPAdvanced Oxidation HandbookCollins, J. and J.R. Bolton2016/06/01
Photocatalytic disinfectionRapid water disinfection using vertically aligned MoS2 nanofilms and visible lightChong Liu, Desheng Kong, Po-Chun Hsu, Hongtao Yuan, Hyun-Wook Lee, Yayuan Liu, Haotian Wang, Shuang Wang, Kai Yan, Dingchang Lin, Peter A. Maraccini, Kimberly M. Parker, Alexandria B. Boehm & Yi Cui

Disinfection with visible light using photocatalytic nanofilm

UV effects on materialsCombined Effects of UV Exposure Duration and Mechanical Abrasion on Microplastic Fragmentation by Polymer TypeYoung Kyoung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han, Seung Won Jung, and Won Joon Shim Orcid

Effects of UV on degradation of various plastics and formation of microplastics

UV/Cl2 AOPRadical Chemistry and Structural Relationships of PPCP Degradation by UV/Chlorine Treatment in Simulated Drinking WaterKaiheng Guo, Zihao Wu, Chii Shang, Bo Yao, Shaodong Hou, Xin Yang, Weihua Song, and Jingyun Fang

Reactivity of radicals that form in UV/chlorine AOP

Advanced oxidation processesEvaluation of advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment ? A critical reviewMiklos, D.B., Remy, Ch., Jekel, M., Linden, KI.G., Drewes, J.E., H?bner, U.

Overview of both established processes and emerging technologies for advanced oxidatioin processes, including O3/UV, UV/H2O2, UV/persulfate, UV/chlorine, phoot-Fenton, photocatalysis

UV LEDThe emergence and prospects of deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diode technologiesMichael Kneissl, Tae-Yeon Seong, Jung Han & Hiroshi Amano

Recent review of deep UV LED materials and fabrication techniques

PhotocatalysisSynthesis of M@TiO2 (M = Au, Pd, Pt) Core Shell Nanocomposites with Tunable PhotoreactivityNan Zhang, Siqi Liu, Xianzhi Fu, and Yi-Jun Xu

Synthesis of doped TiO2 photocatalysts with tunable photoreactivity

UV advanced oxidation processes Review of photochemical reaction constants of organic micropollutants required for UV advanced oxidation processes in waterWols, B.A. AND Hofman-Caris, C.H.M.

Review of photochemical reaction constants of organic micropollutants for UV AOPs.

PhotocatalysysPhotocatalysis on supported gold and silver nanoparticles under ultraviolet and visible light irradiationSarina Sarina, Eric R. Waclawika and Huaiyong Zhu

Photocatalysis using silver and gold nanoparticles

UV detectorsA Comprehensive Review of Semiconductor Ultraviolet Photodetectors: From Thin Film to One-Dimensional NanostructuresLiwen Sang , Meiyong Liao and Masatomo Sumiya

A more recent review of UV sensors

Advanced oxidation processesPharmaceuticals as emerging contaminants and their removal from water. A reviewRivera-Ytrilla, J., Sánchez-Polo, M., Ferro-García, M.A., Prados-Joya, G., Ocampo-Pérez, R.

Review of removal techniques including various photooxidation techniques (UV, UV/H2O2, UV/K2S2O8, UV/TiO2, UV/H2O2/TiO2, UV/TiO2/activated carbon, photo-Fenton)

UV/Cl2 AOPThe Roles of Reactive Species in Micropollutant Degradation in the UV/Free Chlorine SystemJingyun Fang, Yun Fu, and Chii Shang

The role of reactive species in UV/chlorine AOP

Photodetector materialsPhotodetectors based on graphene, other two-dimensional materials and hybrid systemsF. H. L. Koppens, T. Mueller, Ph. Avouris, A. C. Ferrari, M. S. Vitiello & M. Polini

Properties and potential applications of photodetectors based on graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) materials, as well as hybrid systems that combine 2D materials with other materials or structures.

Advanced oxidation processesAn overview on the advanced oxidation processes applied for the treatment of water pollutants defined in the recently launched Directive 2013/39/EURibeiro, A.R., Nunes, O.C., Pereira, M.F.R., Silva, A.M.T.

overview of AOPs for water treatment

Photocatalysisα-Fe2O3 as a photocatalytic material: A reviewManeesha Mishra, Doo-Man Chun

Review of α-Fe2O3 as a photocatalyst

UV DisinfectionInactivation credit of UV radiation for viruses, bacteria and protozoan (oo)cysts in water: A reviewW.A.M. Hijnen, E.F. Beerendonk, G.J. Medema

Review of susceptibility to UV disinfection of various bacteria, protozoa and viruses

fluence (dose) calculations using actinometryPolychromatic UV Fluence Measurement Using Chemical Actinometry, Biodosimetry, and Mathematical TechniquesShanshan J.; A. A. Mofidi, and K. G. Linden2006/08/01
Refractive properties of waterMeasurement of the refractive index of distilled water from the near-infrared region to the ultraviolet regionMasahiko Daimon and Akira Masumura

UV refraction by water

UV/Cl2 AOPChlorine photolysis and subsequent OH radical production during UV treatment of chlorinated waterMichael J. Watts, Karl G. Linden

Fundamentals of UV/chlorine AOP process inclusing quantum yeilds for HOCl, Ocl- and chloramine

Plasmonic photocatalysisA Plasmonic Photocatalyst Consisting of Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in Titanium DioxideKoichi Awazu, Makoto Fujimaki, Carsten Rockstuhl, Junji Tominaga, Hirotaka Murakami, Yoshimichi Ohki, Naoya Yoshida, and Toshiya Watanabe

Investigation of the underlying mechanisms and properties of plasmonic photocatalysis.

AOP chemistryThe Chemistry of Water Treatment Processes Involving Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ultraviolet RadiationWilliam H. Glaze,Joon-Wun Kang &Douglas H. Chapin

A classic paper on basics of AOP chemistry

Advanced oxidation processesDecontamination of wastewaters containing synthetic organic dyes byelectrochemical methods: A general reviewMartiínex-Huitle, C.A., Brillas, E.

Review including photoassisted electrochemical treatments with UV irradiation (e.g. photo-electro-Fenton, heterogeneous TIO2 photcatalysis,

Photocatalysis in airPhotocatalytic construction and building materials: From fundamentals to applicationsJun Chen, Chi-sun Poon

Photocatalytic building materials for air pollution control

Advanced oxidation processesRemoval of natural organic matter from drinking water by advanced oxidation processesMatilainen, A., Sillanpääm, M.

Overview of AOPS for removal of NOM, including O3/UV, UV/H2O2, TiO2/UV, photo-Fenton

Photochemical synthesisVisible light photocatalysis as a greener approach to photochemical synthesisTehshik P. Yoon, Michael A. Ischay & Juana Du

Application of photocatalysis for photochemical synthesis

Excimer lampsDielectric-Barrier Discharges: Their History, Discharge Physics, and Industrial ApplicationsUlrich Kogelschatz

Basics on dielectric-barrier discharges used in excimer lamps

Advanced oxidation processesPhotocatalytic degradation of azo dye acid red 14 in water: investigation of the effect of operational parametersDaneshvar, N., Salari, D., Khataee, A.R.

Showing the effects of operational parameters, although focussing on only one type of pollutant

AOP applicationsDegradation of chlorophenols by means of advanced oxidation processes: a general reviewMarc Pera-Titus, Verónica Garcı́a-Molina, Miguel A Baños, Jaime Giménez, Santiago Esplugas

Degradation of chlorophenols with AOP

PhotocatalysisPreparation of S-doped TiO2 photocatalysts and their photocatalytic activities under visible lightTeruhisa Ohno, Miyako Akiyoshi, Tsutomu Umebayashi , Keisuke Asai , Takahiro Mitsui , Michio Matsumura

Improved photocatalysis with S-doped TiO2

Advanced Oxidation ProcessesTransition metal/UV-based advanced oxidation technologies for water decontaminationGeorge P. Anipsitakis, Dionysios D. Dionysiou

UV+transition metal AOPs

UV DisinfectionInactivation of enteric microorganisms with chemical disinfectants, UV irradiation and combined chemical/UV treatmentsJ. Koivunen, H. Heinonen-Tanski

Comparison of a number of disinfectants, including UV, for several common organisms

UV DisinfectionRepair of Oxidative Damage to DNA: Enzymology and BiologyBruce Demple and Lynn Harrison

Enzymes that repair DNA damage

UV DisinfectionDNA Repair in EukaryotesRichard D. Wood

More on DNA repair of UV damage

UV detectorsSemiconductor ultraviolet detectorsM. Razeghi and A. Rogalski

Some basic info on photodetectors

Advanced oxidation processesRelationships between the structure of natural organic matter and its reactivity towards molecular ozone and hydroxyl radicalsPaul Westerhoff, George Aiken, Gary Amy, Jean Debroux

Can help in prediciting the background scavenging of hydroxyl radicals by organic matter in AOPs

PhotocatalysisEffect of surface structure on photocatalytic activity of TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel methodJiaguo Yu, Xiujian Zhao, Qingnan Zhao

Enhancing photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by producing different surface porosity during sol-gel deposition

Advanced oxidation processesComparison of different advanced oxidation processes for phenol degradationEsplugas, S., Giménez, J., Contreras, S. Pacual, E., Rodríguez, M.

Comparison of different AOPs, including UV-based AOPs. pH influence, kinetic constants, optimum oxidant/pollutant ratio etc.

UV DisinfectionUV-induced DNA damage and repair: a reviewRajeshwar P. Sinhaa and Donat-P. Häder

A review of UV-induced DNA damage and repair

UV photolysis of chemical pollutantsUV Direct Photolysis of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA): Kinetic and Product StudyMihaela I. Stefan, James R. Bolton

UV photolysis of NDMA

UV absorbance of organic matterSpectroscopic characterization of the structural and functional properties of natural organic matter fractionsJie Chen, Baohua Gu, Eugene J. LeBoeuf, Hongjun Pan, Sheng Dai

UV absorbance characteristics of NOM fractions

UV fluence/dose calculationStandardization of Methods for Fluence (UV Dose) Determination in Bench-Scale UV ExperimentsJames R. Bolton?and?Karl G. Linden,?M.ASCE

Standardization of UV fluence determination for UV collimated beam (a.k.a. Bolton and Linden 2003)

UV absorbance of chemicalsSome Factors Influencing the Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds. I. A General SurveyR. Norman Jones

Use of resonsnce theory to determine absorance of chemical compounds

UV absorbance of chemicalsThe Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Simple Unsaturated Compounds. I. Mono- and p-Disubstituted Benzene DerivativesLeonard Doub and J. M. Vandenbelt

Absorbance peaks and molar extinction coefficients of benzene and some derivatives

Vacuum UVAbsorption Coefficients of Water Vapor in the Vacuum UltravioletWatanabe, K, Zelikoff, Murray

Absorption coefficients of water vapor in the region 1060–1860A were obtained by a photoelectric method described previously. Pressures (0.08 to 8 mm Hg) of water vapor in the absorption cell were measured with an Alphatron gauge. In the region 1860–1500A, the absorption coefficients were between the values reported by two groups of investigators.

UV DisinfectionEvidence for repair-replication of ultraviolet damaged DNA in bacteriaDavid Pettijohn, Philip Hanawalt

Early evidence of UV-damaged DNA repair

UV disinfectionPyrimidine dimers in ultraviolet-irradiated DNA’sR.B. Setlow, W.L. Carrier

Early work on pyrimidine dimers in UV-exposed DNA

UV absorbance of chemicalsUltraviolet spectra and excited states of ethylene and its alkyl derivativesA. J. Merer and Robert S. Mulliken

UV absorbance spectra of ethylene and some other derivative gases

UV disinfectionExchanges between DNA strands in ultraviolet-irradiated Escherichia coliW.Dean Rupp, Charles E. Wilde III, Donna L. Reno, Paul Howard-Flanders

Insights into light and dark repair of UV-induced DNA damage

H2O2 photochemistryAn Electron Spin Resonance Study of the Spin Adducts ofOH and HOz Radicals with Nitrones in the Ultraviolet Photolysis ofAqueous Hydrogen Peroxide SolutionsJohn R. Harbour, Vivian Chow, And James R. Bolton

Spin-trap study of radicals that form in H2O2 photolysis

UV photolysis of chemical pollutantsEfficient photolytic degradation of nitrosaminesJ Polo, Y L Chow

An older paper on NDMA photolysis

UV DisinfectionIsolation and characterization of mutants of Escherichia coli deficient in induction of mutations by ultraviolet lightTakesi Kato & Yukiko Shinoura

E.coli genetic mutations that reduce their susceptibility to UV

Advanced oxidation processesPhotochemical processes for water treatmentO. Legrini, E. Oliveros, and A. M. Braun

An older paper that lays out some basics of the major AOP processes

UV absoption by biomoleculesUltraviolet Absorption Spectra of Proteins and Amino AcidsG.H. Beaven, E.R. Holiday

UV absorption spectrum of proteins and aminoacids

Absorbance of chemicalsAbsorption Coefficients of Ozone in Ultraviolet and Visible RegionsGriggs, M

UV absorance spectrum of ozone

Advanced oxidation processesCritical-Review of Rate Constants for Reactions of Hydrated Electrons, Hydrogen-Atoms and Hydroxyl Radicals(?OH/?O?) in Aqueous-Solution.?Buxton, G.V., Greenstock, C.L., Helman, W.P. and Ross, A.B.,

Compilation of reaction rate constants for a comprehensive list of chemical substances.

Photoproperties of semiconductorsLarge‐band‐gap SiC, III‐V nitride, and II‐VI ZnSe‐based semiconductor device technologiesH. Morkoç, S. Strite, G. B. Gao, M. E. Lin, B. Sverdlov, and M. Burns

Basics of large-band-gap semiconductors that can be used as photoemitters and photodetectors

PhotocatalysisTiO2 Photocatalysis: A Historical Overview and Future ProspectsKazuhito Hashimoto, Hiroshi Irie and Akira Fujishima

Photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and its applications in various fields



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